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Datasheet Description Click on the "Nutritional aspects" tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, fish and crustaceans. Common names. Fruits and by-products Plant products and by-products. Related feed s. Grape pomace. Fresh pomace Fresh apple pomace spoils quickly. Ensiling Apple pomace can be preserved for long-term storage by ensiling as if it was grass. Drying Fresh apple pomace contains large amounts of water.

Environmental impact. Soil improver and weed controller Apple pomace is a valuable source of mulch or compost Copas, Nutritional attributes.

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Potential constraints. Pesticide residue Culled apples and apple pomace include the skin, which retains a substantial proportion of the residues of lipophilic pesticides Amvrazi, Choking Like other fruits, apples can be dangerous to cattle and sheep when swallowed whole, as they may lodge in the oesophagus, causing obstruction. Beef cattle Growing cattle Apple pomace replaced half of maize grain in a diet for steers based on good ryegrass forage Ribeiro et al. Sheep As observed with cows, fresh or dried apple pomace supplemented with urea did not meet the requirements for gestating ewes.

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Table 1. Increasing levels of AP decreased HS intake but increased total forage intake from 8. Anrique et al. Edwards et al. Ghoreishi et al. Azizi et al.

Application of Grape Pomace as a Natural Food Preservative and Source of Biofuel

Fontenot et al. DMI of AP fed as sole supplement was lower 0. Ribeiro et al. Taasoli et al. Apple pomace Early experiments found that apple pomace was a good feed for pigs.

Fallen apples and fresh apple pomace.

Horses and donkeys. Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Apple pomace was used as a substrate for solid state fermentation and production of protein enriched feed for tilapia fry. Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value. Apple pomace, dehydrated Apple pomace, fresh Apples, whole, fresh. Apple pomace, dehydrated. References AFZ, ; Chapoutot et al. Apple pomace, fresh. References AFZ, ; Alibes et al.

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Apples, whole, fresh. References AFZ, ; Sosulki et al. Effect of type of fibre, site of fermentation, and method of analysis on digestibility of soluble and insoluble fiber in rabbits. The effect of ensiled mixed tomato and apple pomace on Holstein dairy cow. Italian J. Effect of feeding ensiled mixed tomato and apple pomace on performance of Holstein dairy cows. Slovak J.

The use of apple pomace in rice straw based diets of Korean native goats Capra hircus. Fermented apple pomace as a feed additive to enhance growth performance of growing pigs and its effects on emissions. Agriculture, 5 2 : Alibes, X. Feeding value of apple pomace silage for sheep. Feed Sci. Effects of type and level of fibre on digestive physiology and performance in reproducing and growing rabbits.

World Rabbit Science, Amvrazi, E. Fate of pesticide residues on raw agricultural crops after postharvest storage and food processing to edible portions. In: Pesticides - Formulations, effects, fate, Prof. Margarita Stoytcheva Ed.

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Anrique, G. Effect of ensiling on chemical composition and rumen degradability of apple pomace. Effects of apple pulp silage inclusion.

Milk yield and composition, dry matter intake and blood parameters of Holstein cows fed ensiled apple pomace co-ensiled with broiler litter. Effects of levels of dried apple pomace in swine rations on growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass quality and size of certain organs.

The use of local feeds for rabbits. Effect of the fattening diet on the development of the fatty acid profile in rabbits from weaning. Meat Sci. H; Lisk, D. Residues of p,p'-DDE and dicofol in milk of dairy-cows fed commercially produced apple pomace. Food Safety, 8 4 : Chrastinova, L. Influence of selected phytoadditives and probiotics on zootechnical performance, caecal parameters and meat quality of rabbits.

Archiva Zootechnica, 13 2 : Codex Alimentarius, Maximum residue limits for processed or ready-to-eat foods or feeds. Apple pomace. Co-product feeds: animal feeds from the food and drinks industries. Pesticide residues and trade, the apple of discord?. Food policy, 37 6 Edwards, N. Apple pomace as a supplement to pasture for dairy cows in late lactation. Handbook of poultry feed from waste: processing and use.

Springer-Verlag New York, p. Fang, J. Effects of apple pomace proportion levels on the fermentation quality of total mixed ration silage and its digestibility, preference and ruminal fermentation in beef cows. Rabbit feeds and feeding, with special regard to tropical conditions. Rabbit Res. Fibre concentrates from apple pomace and citrus peel as potential fibre sources for food enrichment. Food Chem.

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Fruits, Paris, France Fontenot, J. Supplementation of apple pomace with nonprotein nitrogen for gestating beef cows. Feed intake and performance. Gasa, J. Rumen digestion of ensiled apple pomace in sheep: effect of proportion in diet and source of nitrogen supplementation.

Effects of ensiled apple pomace on milk yield, milk composition and DM intake of Holstein dairy cows.

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thesis on apple pomace Thesis on apple pomace
thesis on apple pomace Thesis on apple pomace
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